How Aligned Growth Management Found A Senior Influence Specialist To Level Up Their Team

Finding someone who knows influencer strategy & can close deals.

We interviewed candidates who came from agency & brand backgrounds like:

Aligned Growth Management Hire:

  • Role: Senior Influencer Management Specialist
  • Timeline: 4 weeks
  • Compensation: $75,000 - $85,000
  • Special Requests: Needs sales experience and able to manage business development on top of account management.
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How We Evaluate

Hiring With Your Criteria

We break down what is important to you based on the role and screen hundreds of candidates against that exact criteria

  • Detailed Notes Get our exact reasoning behind the score based on interview conversations
  • Weighted Criteria Not every criteria is the same. We weight each criteria based on what will find us your dream candidates
  • 100% Visibility You'll be able to track & follow our work in real time

Quick Overview


Candidates Evaluated


Phone Screens


First Round Interviews

Final Outcome

From the 539 candidates that we evaluated, we ended up sending 7 of them a test project. From those 7, Josh and his team interviewed 4.

This means we turned 40+ hours of work into 4 phone calls. 

We were able to hire his dream Influencer Strategist candidate within his budget who was also able to close deals.


Josh Durham, Owner of Aligned Growth Management

"The biggest difference was you guys found a way to get us a lot more senior level applicants than what we were used to seeing."

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