Ditching their "Classic" Recruiting Company & Having Success with DTCHire For An On-Site COO 

Finding the perfect C-Suite for this fast growing reseller

We interviewed candidates who came from B2B ecom & service brands like like:

All Security Equipment Hire:

  • Role: COO or VP of Operations (we recruited for both)
  • Timeline: 90 days
  • Compensation: $200,000-250,000
  • Special Requests: ERP Experience, Sales Team Management Experience, background in B2B Ecom
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How We Evaluate

Hiring With Your Criteria

We break down what is important to you based on the role and screen hundreds of candidates against that exact criteria

  • Detailed Notes Get our exact reasoning behind the score based on interview conversations
  • Weighted Criteria Not every criteria is the same. We weight each criteria based on what will find us your dream candidates
  • 100% Visibility You'll be able to track & follow our work in real time

Quick Overview


Candidates Evaluated (In Person Element Lowered Pool)


Phone Screens


First Round Interviews

Final Outcome

The in-person recruiting was a new step for our team. Working with Alex closely to define this role, we decided to recruit for 2 positions, COO & VP of Operations.

As we began sourcing candidates, it became obvious that they would fall in a couple of different buckets: Sales Oriented, Finance Oriented, Supply Chain Oriented, etc.

After taking 50+ calls and refining our strategy, we found Alex his dream candidate who has already been helping grow All Security from Day 1.


Alexander Burkhardt, Owner of All Security Equipment

"Our previous recruiter was entirely incentivized by their fee. You guys were driven by finding me the right person."

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